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It can change the speed and torque, the direction of motion, and the form of activity.

The advantages of high transmission efficiency, accurate transmission ratio, and extensive power range.

Products Specifications

Product name Tractor spur gear with 17gears
Application  Tractor
Materials Steel
Size 5cm*9cm*9cm
Weight 0.87kg
OEM  50-1701212A
MOQ 30
Diameter 9CM
Quality 100%tested
Packing Carton


(1)  According to the different strength and performance, we choose the steel with firm compression;

(2)  Using professional software and our professional engineers to design products with more reasonable size and better performance;

(3)  We can customize our products according to the needs of our customers. Therefore, the optimal performance of the gear can be exerted under different working conditions;

(4) Quality assurance in every step to ensure product quality is controllable.